The Crystal Ball Quadrant

The most effective leaders here tend to articulate visions of the future and forward thinking possibilities. They are inclined towards risk and unafraid of uncertainty.

Creative Culture

A mantra in the “Create” quadrant might be “create, innovate and envision the future.” Focusing on strategies in this quadrant enables companies to leapfrog their competitors and achieve breakthrough levels of success. Creative driven industries include advertising, gaming and technology. Think Apple and Google.

Culture is a cost.
Culture is a Profit Center.

Culture is a cost – office parties, vacation time and free coffee have a real price tag. But the cost of a poor culture is an average 32% decrease in operating income. Workspace should motivate people and encourage innovation and collaboration. Successful leaders view culture as a value multiplier across all facets of their business.

Open Space for the Open-minded.

It's easy for managers to share their vision if people can see them. Integrated management inspires innovative thinking.

Individuality is a must in the create culture, but having a supportive group identity encourages risk taking an experimentation.

Varied and eclectic work settings inspire and reflect the kind of creative thinking that drives success in this business model.

Open circulation paths in an organic setting keep people and ideas moving quickly towards innovation.

The ability to put ideas and creative artifacts on display helps generate participation, transparency and innovation.

Sound creates energy - and distraction. That's why hub areas and quiet zones need to live under one roof in the create culture.

A brainstorm can break out anywhere in a create office setting. Collaborative settings are anywhere and everywhere.


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